AP Feb 08, 2017: Watching A Trump Presidency Like It’s The 1979 Alien Movie (The Daily: Live Litigation and James Baldwin’s Resurgence)

Here’s the show we listened to (it’s quite short): https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/08/podcasts/the-daily-trump-travel-ban-james-baldwin.html

We gave this podcast 1.75 BIG GRINS!

The show opens with some Fair and Balanced reporting by the New York Times. Chandler is in Yemen, but not with @RealTeresaMay (NSFW link).
Trump’s Clown Car Administration can’t find the light switch, Paul and Neil compare print to radio reporting and consider the slow, desperate death of the newspaper.
Paul is not Pro Choice when it comes to “a school”, but did go to Sunday School. And Monday School.
Personal social media echo chambers are explored and Trump is compare to Alien (1979).
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