The Adam Carolla Show

Adam Carolla: Master Carpenter! (?)


“So this just happened. Beautiful, heavy antique mirror @adamcarolla & Ray found and hung above our fireplace (which Adam created w/beautiful Batchelder tile) fell, crashed, glass EVERYWHERE. Thank you Jesus nobody was sitting in the room! Adam at work right now recording ACS, just me and kids. Molly was laying a few feet away…wow. #thankgod”

“I can’t believe Molly wasn’t laying here! Her fav spot. Poor Adam, he & @RayOldhafer found & hung over fireplace #wow”

The Adam Carolla Show

Does Adam Carolla really “Love me some Ted Cruz”?

  • Adam vs. Cruz vs. Newsom
  • Patent trolls
  • Hard-working Americans
  • Does Adam really agree with Ted’s views on African-Americans, Hispanics and young people?
  • Does Ted have a “closer”?
  • Thanks, Champ!