AP Nov 23, 2016: Elián! & Who Made Scientists God? (Undone: Disco Demolition Night & The Ancient One)

The shows we listened to:

https://gimletmedia.com/episode/1-disco-demolition-night/ (AFTERPOD RECOMMENDED!)

https://gimletmedia.com/episode/2-the-ancient-one/ (NOT RECOMMENDED!)

Opening the show, Paul has Trump Fever and Neil has a Sneaky Twitter.
There are two thumbs up for Disco Demolition Night. Paul writes a musical and is a bit racist again?

Saturday Night Fever is darker than you thought and Leo Sayer is just crap.

Neil opens the Door to a Scissor Sisters Cinema Club and declares rock to be dead.

There’s a thumbs down for The Ancient One. Paul gets angry about wasted names and Neil is scared by sacred burial grounds.
To close the show, there’s a mammoth resurrection and fortunately, no shortage of bibles.

Ben Liebrand Grand 12-Inches 4: http://www.benliebrand.nl/grand12/4.html

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