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AP Mar 15, 2017: Thanking Vegan Rappers (The EP: 13 Songs That Capture Our Moment)

The original show we listened to: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/08/podcasts/the-ep-13-songs-that-capture-our-moment.html Opening the show, no-one loves Adele, but positively hate on Pitbull. Paul is anti-vegan-hip-hop and brings up Kimmel’s non-Disney Oscars moment and U2 (Bucka Bucka)’s ehtnic diversity. To close the show, Neil can’t see a DJ in a stadium and there’s a bit of swearing. Join the Click-Through […]

AP Mar 08, 2017: Trump and Change! (With Friends Like These: “Hope and Trust in Trump.”)

The original show we listened to: https://getcrookedmedia.com/with-friends-like-these-aeee91fa31da#.vbukj0axr Opening the show, Paul has a LadyCrush on a Wonkette. Neil looks for good hair in politics and Paul is missing Obama. Paul believes in Father Christmas…and Jesus. Paul’s People turn out to be Missy’s people and Neil is the SBD opposition. Paul explains The Accidental Racist and […]