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AP May 31, 2017: Paul’s Monstrous Movie Shame PART I (THE CANON #98: Ghostbusters w/ Paul Scheer)

The original show we listened to: http://www.earwolf.com/episode/ghostbusters-w-paul-scheer/ The show opens with some hypocritical critique of Amy’s intro. Paul gets banned for the first time on the internet over a Spiderman of color. Paul is a dick again and gets banned again. Everyone on Dimeforscale is also a dick? The Ferengi get Trumped by The Pussy. […]

AP REPLAY: What Would KenStalk Do? (Radiolab: Darkode)

Following the recent Ransomware debacle, this week we’re replaying a previous episode covering this topic!   The original show we listened to (recommended): http://www.radiolab.org/story/darkode/ Opening the show, Neil thinks his podcatching app is broken and he bangs his head against the CryptoWall. There’s a look at the polite business of Ransomware around the world and […]