About the Show

Afterpod is the internet’s premiere after-show for podcast listeners. Each weekday, your hosts Neil T and Paul Christian Glenn discuss the day’s hottest new podcast releases.

Currently featuring shows from Adam Carolla’s popular podcast network, Neil and Paul spend time recapping the day’s episode, roasting the hosts, talking to the fans, and making general merriment. Looking ahead, AfterPod plans to expand their discussion to other popular podcasts, and are currently entertaining suggestions.

AfterPod may be found online at afterpod.net, or in the Apple iTunes store.

AfterPod - The After-Show for Podcast Listeners

Your Hosts

Neil T

Neil T cut his teeth on the Dime For Scale Movie Club podcast, a bi-weekly movie roast featuring a rotating cast of regular co-hosts and the occasional guest. He is also a very cheeky monkey.

Paul Christian Glenn

Paul Christian Glenn is the former host of the Compendia Podcast, a weekly show focused on independent film review and discussion. He is an occasional film director, mediocre (but enthusiastic) musician, and has repeatedly saved the future from sentient, time-traveling robots. Can‘t prove all this, due to the space-time continuum and whatnot, but you’ll take his word for it.